The Program – Be Part of It

The Rivers and Ranges CLP is a ten-month course running from February to the end of November each year and offering a unique opportunity for in-depth learning about complex regional issues, and the partnerships and leadership skills needed to address them. The program takes a group of up to 24 diverse emerging or existing leaders on a journey to develop their networks, leadership capacities and their understanding of regional issues. It ENCOURAGES, INSPIRES, and EMPOWERS them to make positive contributions to their community and drive change.

RRCLP gives participants the chance to meet with and question a broad cross section of regional, state and national leaders with a range of experience and backgrounds. Participants are exposed to more than 120 leaders from across all sectors and in doing so they explore issues and opportunities for the region and consider leadership styles, attributes, ethics and values. They also have the opportunity to make lifelong connections that help them advance professionally and in community leadership roles. Participants discuss and debate issues among themselves, and with invited speakers, observing Chatham House rules, enabling frank and open discussions around leadership challenges.

Participants attend a launch and graduation, three weekend retreats, 13 program days, a dinner and study tours to Melbourne and Canberra. Program activities include field trips, case studies, panel discussions  presentations and immersion activities. Participants undertake a community project enabling them to put into practice the skills, knowledge and confidence they have gained. Venues for each of the program days are spread across six Local Government Area’s in the Rivers and Ranges region. Program dates are provided to successful candidates as soon as possible to ensure that every opportunity exists to enable their attendance. We operate on soft boundaries so participants from other areas than our five municipalities are welcome to apply for the program.

The program is based on four elements

Self Reflection: values, beliefs, personality, assumptions, behaviours self-care and emotional resilience building

Models and Styles of Leadership: how to apply them to roles and situations

Leadership and Management Skills: public speaking, negotiation, decision making, ethics, facilitation, conflict resolution, governance, communication, time management, volunteers, mentoring, partnerships, project management, planning and risk

Tackling Community Issues: advocacy, lobbying, grants, media. Publicity and a community project

Program Days are theme based and include: Community Resilience, Diversity, Health and Wellbeing, Youth and Positive Ageing, Disaster Resilience,  Education and Training, Tourism, the Economy, Arts and Culture, Sustainability and Government

Benefits for Participants:

Participants surveyed through the Victorian Regional Community Leadership Program evaluation process identified the following responses describing the most important part of the program from their perspective.

  • 70% described having an increased capacity to access resources and skills in leadership
  • 66% described being more actively aware and being a more influential advocate in their community.
  • 23% described having stepped up from a manager role to executive as a result of the program
  • 13% described moving from a volunteer role into a paid position.

Who can be a Participant?

Participants are selected according to criteria including a deep sense of commitment to the community, demonstrated capacity for leadership, broad ranging interest, and a potential to sustain positions of responsibility in the community. The most important criteria is for the individual to be willing to exercise leadership for the long-term benefit of the community. Candidates need to display a high level of honesty and integrity. Participants from rural and isolated communities, disadvantaged backgrounds and Aboriginal and ethnically diverse communities are encouraged to apply.

How Much Does it Cost?

The program costs $5,700 inc GST. This consists of a participant contribution of $570 and a workplace or sponsorship fee of $5,000 inc GST. Some participants pay the full fee themselves. No organisation or individual should be discouraged from applying for economic reasons, as there are some scholarships and sponsorships available to cover costs. Please discuss this with the Executive Officer if you are interested in applying.

RRCLP produces an annual Year Book to highlight the year’s achievements and as a momento for Graduates.  Please click below to view


RRCL YEAR BOOK Pages 31-47