Annually we seek a special group of emerging or existing leaders to be a part of the program.    If you have a deep sense of commitment to the community, demonstrated capacity for leadership and have potential to sustain positions of substantial responsibility in your community then we are looking for you.  Participants will :

  • Build skills, confidence, self awareness and group work capacity
  • Better understand regional issues
  • Access a variety of experienced leaders
  • Increase their ability to enable change in the community
  • Be part of a lifelong team of regional leaders

Applications for the 2019 Program are NOW OPEN 

The 2019 Program runs from late February 2018 until the end of November 2019.

To apply for the Rivers and Ranges Community Leadership Program (RRCLP) for 2019 , please read the advice and instructions below.   Please email or phone if you have any queries or need assistance with your application.

Lodging an application

Your application needs to be completed online through the  link below.

 Instructions and advice for applicants

1.Please read all the following instructions prior to going online and filling in your application

2.  Keep in mind our selection criteria as you fill in your application.      We are looking for candidates who have:

  • Proven leadership record or aspiration with potential for further growth
  • Potential to commit to and contribute significantly to the Rivers and Ranges region in the future
  • Potential to progress to positions of substantial responsibility in the community
  • Ability to commit the required time and energy to the program, to engage as an active learner and be able to demonstrate vulnerability

3.  Once you navigate to the online application please type answers in the space provided, making sure to answer all questions.

4. Nominees must have the full support of the organisation they represent, and individuals can nominate themselves. All applicants need to have the full support of their families.

5. In addition to the online application candidates need to complete the Commitment Form below and email to

6. All short-listed applicants will be interviewed by a panel of three following the close of applications, with applicants informed of the outcome within a week.

7Attendance at the  Graduation, Opening and Closing Retreats, and Melbourne and Canberra trips is essential. Nominees must attend 80% of scheduled program days and participate in all evaluation activities to graduate. Leaving early, arriving late, or opting out of sessions, will affect the calculation of the attendance rate. Participation in the group project is compulsory

8. For each Program intake, a diverse mix of participants is sought, in terms of gender, cultural diversity, municipality of residence, private sector/ public sector employment, for profit / non- profit experience, etc. Rivers and Ranges is committed to selecting candidates from a range of communities across the region.

9. No individual or organisation should be discouraged from applying for economic reasons as scholarships are available

10. All nominations are subject to confidential evaluation

11. Given the time commitments required of program participants the Panel will not select a participant who is enrolled in a formal course of study in addition to work, not including short courses, or part time study.    It is not advisable you take on any other study during the course of the year or undertake any other large projects

12.Some suitable candidates may not be chosen because of restrictions to the size of the group and the need for diversity within the group. Individuals not selected are encouraged to reapply in subsequent years.

Interviews will be held:

At several key locations across the region or via the online communication mechanism  Zoom.

Your application will be acknowledged via email and you will be advised of the interview date and time within a few days.


Applications open Wednesday 7th November, 2017
Applications Close Mid February 2019
Informed of Interview Within a week of application close date
Interviews Will occur from 28th January to Mid February 2019
Notification Successful Applicants Within one week of interview date
Signed documentation due and Opening Conference and BBQ Launch Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd February, 2019
Participant fees and sponsorship money due First Program Day


Further Information about the Program 

Frequently Asked Questions Final 2019

Rivers and Ranges CLP DOCUMENT_final 2018

RRCLP-2019-Program-Final Draft



Commitment Form 


For more information please contact the Executive Officer on 0409 287 577 or email