About Us

Background and History

Rivers and Ranges Community Leadership Program was formed as a result of a 2011 Feasibility study (funded through the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal FRRR) that found that a Community Leadership Program would contribute to building a strong foundation of regional leaders to build resilience in the face of adversity such as the 2009 Victorian Bushfires. In our five municipalities affected by the disaster there was a growing awareness of volunteer fatigue among people who stepped into leadership roles without having support networks or skills to support them.

Supporters of the idea recognised that developing community capacity and resilience needed to be at the heart of the program.  Resilient communities developed through leadership, strong economies, learning and innovation, and strong networks and supports are able to thrive and adapt to changes and challenges that go beyond coping with disaster.

Following a facilitated workshop with key community leaders in 2012 a steering committee was nominated to develop a business plan, scope potential stakeholders and make recommendations to further progress the program.

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In late 2012 an Advisory Committee was formed to implement the plan and drive the inaugural 2014 program.  In 2013 ten roadshows were delivered across the region engaging over 70 stakeholders from across all sectors and gleaning their support.

In April 2014 the Advisory Committee supported by FRRR, VRCLP and CLLM appointed a Program Manager and the call for applications was made.  In November 2014 the committee progressed to become an Interim Board in preparation for Incorporation.

In April 2017 the organisation became incorporated and is now known as RRCL Inc.

Goals and Values:

The name Rivers and Ranges was developed through early consultations and was chosen as it evokes imagery unique to all five municipalities.  It implies renewal, respect for the environment, growth through its rivers and the solidity and dependability of its ranges.  Our Vision is for resilient, connected and thriving communities  and our mission is to “drive  initiatives that will encourage, engage and inspire and empower impact their communities

Our objectives include:

  • Build a base of confident, skilled and committee community leaders
  • Provide a network of community leaders across the region
  • Support and encourage both existing and emerging leaders
  • Develop leaders to enable and drive change in the region

Our values are: Respect, Adaptability, Integrity, Courageousness,  and Participatory Practice

RRCL Inc  Board 

  • Chair– Bryan McCarthy
  • Deputy Chair– Sara Murray (RRCLP Graduate 2016)
  • Secretary – Sue Marstaeller
  • Committee Member – Peter Bryar
  • Committee Member– Jenny Jackson
  • Committee Member– Dudley McArdle
  • Committee Member– Quentin Addison (RRCLP Graduate 2018)

RRCLP Sub-Committees

Alumni Sub Committee

  • Sara Murray (RRCLP 2016 Graduate)
  • Vicky Mann (RRCLP 2016 Graduate)

Executive Officer

Lisa Linton

Lisa has served on both the RRCLP Steering Committee and Advisory committee and has been involved with the organisation since 2012.  After graduating from the Alpine Valley’s Community Leadership Program Lisa became even more passionate about making sure that our region had access to a program.  In April 2014, after an independent and rigorous recruitment process she was appointed to the role of Program Manager, and promoted to Executive Officer in July 2016.

Lisa comes to the organisation with a background in health promotion, community development, youth services, and training.  She has worked across a number of organisations including Berry Street, Mitchell Shire Council, Nexus Primary Health (then known as Mitchell Community Health) Lower Hume Primary Care Partnerships and Central Ranges Local Learning and Employment Network.  She is currently Chair of CRLLEN,  and a committee member on Clonbinane Community Advisory Committee – Resilience Working Group.   Lisa has experience in strategic planning, program development and evaluation, project management, and partnership development.

Her passions are young people, helping people to realise their strengths, and supporting communities to understand how they can strengthen their capabilities and assets and of course leadership!